Putting tablets to work

Our first TabTimes TABLET STRATEGY West conference was held in the San Francisco Bay Area, on February 20, 2013.

The event was a huge success with more than 20 different speakers including tablet leaders from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized enterprises. More than 120 attendees gained valuable insight into how their business can benefit from the tablet wave.



Our panels of experts and tablet professionals discussed real life stories that illustrate how companies design and manage their tablet projects

At the workplace: How tablets are replacing the office PC

TabTimes’ David Needle talks with Tom Gonser with DocuSign, Sean Ginevan with Mobile Iron Jared Hansen with Breezy about the ways tablets ought to be integrated in the workplace.


The next step in BYOD

TabTimes’ David Needle talks with Adam Stein of SAP and Saranya Babu from Dell about how smart BYOD strategies include effective security and managing devices and applications.


In the Field: How Tablets Empower Mobile Workers

Technology journalist Chris Preimesberger and panelists Joe Gustafson with BrainShark, Nick Triantos with onGrid, and Rafe Needleman with Evernote discuss the opportunities and obstacles of deploying tablets outside of your corporate office.


The Challenges of Managing a Tablet Project

TabTimes’ David Needle talks with Lisa Falzone with Revel System and Stephen Vilke with Framehawk about their game plans for helping companies manage a successful tablet project.


The future of tablets: iPad and its competitors

Tech blogger extraordinaire Robert Scoble and tech analysts Ben Bajarin, Maribel Lopez and Rob Enderle gaze into their crystal balls to predict the next big thing in tablets.


Learn from experience

These “Learn from experience” sessions include stories about real use cases from the Education, Healthcare and Retail industries, as well as from Sales departments.

Learn from Experience: Tablets in Education

Chris Sokolov, the Chief Technology Officer at San Domenico School describes how an integrated technology program featuring one-to-one iPads in grades 4-12 has transformed teaching and learning.


Learn from Experience: Tablets in Healthcare

Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder of DrChrono, outlines the challenges and opportunities for tablets in the healthcare system.


Learn from Experience: Tablets in Retail

TabTimes’ Michael Singer sits down with Nikhil Behl with Zoostores and Rick Molinari of Molinari Caffe to discuss stories of keeping a store running with tablets.


Learn from Experience: Tablets in Sales

Realtor Cassie Maas and medical equipment manufacturing executive Chris Simmonds discuss how using tablet computers have made their sales positions much more productive and fun.



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Lenovo: The Windows 8 advantage
TomButler_TabTimes_ProMembersTom Butler, director of Worldwide ThinkPad Product Marketing shows off the latest tablets and convertibles from Lenovo and suggests that those deploying tablets with Windows 8 are serving the needs of both enterprise IT and end users.


Genentech: The building blocks of a tablet app strategy
Raj HarapanahalliRaj Harapanahalli and Ben Lei describe how Genentech deployed more than 3,000 tablets and more than 14,000 iOS devices worldwide and how it is managing these devices with internal and third-party applications.


Box: The influence of clouds on tablets
ChrisYeh_TabTimes_ProMembersTabTimes’ Michael Singer chats with Box vice president of platform Chris Yeh about how a new era of tablets and other technology are letting companies digitize parts of their business that PCs could never reach.


Special presentations

Tablet Strategy West also included special presentations including an analyst report on the state of tablets in the enterprise as well as a debut of a new tablet application.

The growth of tablets at work
Ben BajarinCreative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin looks at the state of tablets in the enterprise and identifies what technologies will be influencing strategic deployment decisions.

The tablet productivity payoff

FileMaker’s Ryan Rosenberg shares which businesses processes are yielding the most benefits for companies thinking beyond BYOD.

Sococo debuts its iPad app

Sococo’s co-founder and chief technology officer Paul Brody debuts the company’s iPad version of its desktop collaboration software product.


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