TabletBiz helps business and IT managers identify the best tablet solutions to help their business move forward, and shows them how to put these solutions in practice in the context of their own organization.

To achieve this, TabletBiz combines:

  • a no-nonsense conference, with a fast-paced series of sessions where the best tablet and mobile experts and practitioners share their experiences and expertise. These sessions include presentations, case studies, workshops and panel discussions where corporate end-users, industry analysts and  innovative vendors will address the hot topics related to tablet and app deployments.

  • an expo area, hosting a wide range of hardware, software and service solution providers, which attendees can visit at the beginning and the end of the day, as well as during breaks.

Agenda for our 2o14 event has not been announced yet. For reference, the 2013 agenda is below:


8:00 – 9:00

Registration & networking breakfast


(AM) The tablet business and business tablets


9:00 – 9:30

Keynote presentation

Steve EllisWe’ll start the morning and the afternoon with presentations from managers of leading organizations who will share their experience with tablets. What role do tablets play – next to smartphones and computers – in their tech arsenal? What contribution do they make to their business? What challenges and pitfalls did they face in their deployment? You will learn from the ones who use tablets in the trenches.

By: Steve Ellis, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo


9:30 – 9:50

THE TABLET MARKET – New tablets, new rules

Tablets are driving a wave of adoption more quickly than that of laptops and smartphones. Where is the market headed? What are the “7 key steps to an effective tablet deployment?” A top analyst details innovative changes in how tablets are used in business and discuss what opportunities enterprises have to expand their tablet deployments.

With: Jack Gold, Founder, J. Gold Associates


9:50 – 10:20

DEVICES – Choosing your next tablet: The operational advantage

For most enterprise uses, consumer-grade tablets don’t make the cut. Ruggedized devices have already proven their worth in places like construction sites and the factory floor. But what are the specifications and protective features you should require for your own business? Our panel of industry insiders discusses the latest advances in enterprise tablet designs and why they matter for IT.

With: Stuart Kippelman, CIO, Covanta Energy; Jennifer Langan, Director of Mobility Products, Enterprise Business Division, Samsung Electronics America

10:20 – 10:30

Special presentation

Day by day, tablets continue to spread into the enterprise landscape. They offer a very different way of thinking about user experience, usage scenarios, security, manageability, etc. compared to the traditional PC only world. What must we do to welcome tablet users into the corporate environment?

With: Bill Mangino, International Business Development, MobileSputnik

10:30 – 11:00

Networking break & expo visit


11:00 – 11:30

Tablets in SALES – getting to Yes faster

Sales people love tablets. They have been a game-changer in updating product info, accessing customer data, showing product benefits, interacting with customers and, ultimately, closing sales. How could your own sales team unleash the power of tablets? Our panel discusses the best way to empower your sales people with tablets and apps.

With: Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder, Showpad; Andy Zimmerman, CMO, Brainshark; Jeff Sturm, Manager of Distribution Technology, Lord, Abbett & Co.

Moderated by: Stephen Diorio, Founder, Profitable Channels


11:30 -11:50

BYOD & THE CLOUD – Managing apps and data on your employees’ tablet

BYOD or using your own device in the workplace will soon reach a saturation point. But workers with tablets continue to sidestep enterprise app and data policies. Our panel will discuss how to devise enforceable mobile policies; app management strategies; and making sure your employees use your apps – and not the consumer-grade apps that could get them and you into trouble.

With: David Burden, CEO Asdeq Labs

Moderated by: Michael HickinsWall Street Journal, CIO Journal

11:50 – 12:00

Special presentation

In a world where mobile device shipments are outnumbering those of PCs, organizations need to build a wide variety of essential mobile apps for the enterprise. Martha Garcia with MicroStrategy Mobile will describe how you can embrace the mobile wave in your business by enabling it with apps designed for a modern workforce. A workforce that needs apps that deliver transactions, multimedia, and business intelligence. One that needs compelling, custom native apps that support critical workflows. And apps that make your systems and data more accessible, more beautiful, more utilized… and more valuable.

With: Martha Garcia Villalon, Product Manager, Mobile Solutions, MicroStrategy

12:00 – 12:30

Tablets in RETAIL & COMMERCE – Touch to sell

Tablets invade the store: in the hand of salespeople, on self-service stands, and even at the cash register. They invade the living room – where even more buying decisions are made. With this panel, learn how tablets can help you sell more to your customers – whether in a retail outlet, or through the meteoric rise of T-commerce.

With: Rita Ramirez , Vice President of Emerging Payments at MasterCard; Ray Darmstadt, owner of St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe in New York; Josh Koppel, co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Scrollmotion


12:30 – 1:30

Lunch, networking & expo visit


(PM) App business and business apps

(now incorporating Tablet Ecosystem)


1:30 – 2:00

Featured presentation

Mark BernardoTablets and other mobile devices are prevalent in manufacturing and infrastructure industries, allowing operators to break free of central control rooms to conduct business in real-time at the site of the machines. In this session, Mark Bernardo will describe the strategy of creating a fluid connection between people, data and machines with tablets and other mobile tools and how that connection makes businesses more efficient, productive and ultimately profitable. When the three work in unison, there is endless potential for productivity improvement and cost savings.

By: Mark Bernardo, General Manager, GE Intelligent Platforms


2:00 – 2:30

APP STRATEGY – A “Tablet First” view of your business

Organizations developing their tablet app strategy can benefit from looking at the overall trends in the consumer marketplace and how savvy app publishers create value with their apps. What are the benefits of going “tablet first” for your app and your mobile strategy? Which tablet operating systems are worth your efforts? How should you choose between native, hybrid, or web apps? Experts help you funnel your resources in order to win in the app marketplace.

With: Mike Barad, Program Director, Mobile Solutions, Morningstar; Jonathan Kay, Founder, Apptopia


2:30 – 3:00

APP DEVELOPMENT – The right way to build your tablet app

If you want your app downloaded and used, you must provide an awesome user experience. But the path to developing the killer app takes many forms. Coding from scratch – by employees or contractors – is still a possibility and purists tout it as the only way to achieve greatness. But many other options have emerged. From cookie-cutter software to frameworks, development and publishing platforms, there are now many ways to create your own tablet app. Developers debate the merits and pitfalls of tablet development paths and how a savvy use of analytics can help you optimize your apps.

With: Joe Zeff, President, Joe Zeff Design; Andreas Pfeiffer, President, Pfeiffer Conulting; Kevin Kim, co-Founder, AppOrchard


3:00 – 3:30

Networking break & expo visit


3:30 – 3:50

Tablets in MEDIA & MARKETING – The brand intimacy

Tablets are personal, intimate devices. Media publishers use them to reconnect with their audience – particularly, to rekindle paid subscriptions. Advertisers are figuring out that tablets have very little to do with “mobile” – and have far more potential. And marketers look to appify their brands in the tablet space. How should business consider tablets from a marketing perspective? Should they build their own customer-facing apps? Or should they better leverage the brand-building opportunities that tablet advertising present? This panel will discuss the tablet experiences of savvy marketers, and where tablet media is heading.

With: Gregg Hano, CEO, Mag+; Ryan Matzner, Director of Strategy, Fueled

Moderated by: Mercedes Cardona, Marketing blog editor, The Economist Group


3:50 – 4:20


The marketing battleground is now much wider than securing a spot in an app store: users should want your app before entering the store. How can you build – or buy – the love? Should you focus on advertising, PR, content marketing, social media? What about co-marketing and distribution partnerships? Marketing experts advise you on the best tools and practices to effectively push your apps. And while a download is good, selling apps, in-app purchases, and advertising is why we’re here. What is the optimal price point? How can you leverage the freemium model into a reliable revenue stream? Publishers share with us how they successfully monetize the app experience.

With: Ross Rubin, principal analyst, Reticle Research; Ravi BhattCo-Founder & CEO, Branchfire (iAnnotatePDF)

4:20 – 4:40

The Tabby Awards: a conversation

A conversation about tablet app excellence with Tabby Awards jury chairmen Ravi Bhat and Milind Gadekar. Consumer app winners & Business app winners presentation

With judging panels chairpersons: Ravi BhattCo-Founder & CEO, Branchfire (iAnnotatePDF); Milind Gadekar, Co-Founder & CEO, CloudOn


4:40 – 5:30

The Tabby Awards ceremony

With judging panels chairpersons: Ravi BhattCo-Founder & CEO, Branchfire (iAnnotatePDF); Milind Gadekar, Co-Founder & CEO, CloudOn

To conclude the day on a festive note, join us – and the best app developers – for The Tabby Awards trophy presentation. We will celebrate the Tabby Awards consumer app winners and announce the Tabby Awards /Business winners. You will have a front row seat on the very best business and enterprise apps worldwide, selected by a panel of industry expert judges.


5:30 – 6:00

Networking & expo visit wrap up